About Us:

Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds is a well known poet in Mudgee, ex-journalist and published author, so has all the qualifications to write a ceremony completely fitting each individual bride and groom. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Composition from Griffith University and a High Distinction in Country Journalism from Deakin University, which gives authenticity and dignity to her writing.

Diane has been married for 46 years, has raised three daughters and is now a grandmother, so she has the earthy touch of wisdom needed to discern the elements that will express the values and dreams of each couple she marries.

Diane has lived in Mudgee for 33 years, and over that time has been closely involved with the community, through her church and as a journalist. She feels privileged to be marrying young couples from families she has known for generations. “I almost feel like the village elder,” she said, “Everyone’s grandmother.”

During that time Diane has also worked as a Family Day Carer, caring for many children in the community, which also adds depth, humour and caring to her understanding of children and human nature. She has a ‘Mary Poppins’ affinity and caring for children and they invariably enjoy her presence and do what she asks of them. So a wedding involving children is as natural as they are.

For many years Diane and her husband Peter provided a horse and carriage wedding service for bridal couples, but she has now moved into the more legal and professional field of a Marriage Celebrant.

Diane believes there are three elements to writing the perfect wedding ceremony:

  1. Ease and flow of the ceremony that captures the heart and imagination of the bridal party and guests.
  2. Sincerity of the words and meanings that stir the soul and give significance, worth and intelligent connection for each bridal party and guests.
  3. A touch of humour and lightness of words to carry the bridal party and guests into the world of romance and dreams.

And she believes there are also three elements to carrying out the dreams and wishes of her bride and groom on the day:

  1. Perfectly planned ceremony, with everything prepared, ready and waiting for the big day, then...relax.
  2. A relaxed Marriage Celebrant, who will lead the proceedings in a calm, tranquil, stress free way, with humour and grace, no matter what happens on the day. This is why Diane chooses to do only one wedding a weekend, so her bride and groom have her every attention, so time does not matter, so she is there for them and is not rushing off, or thinking of someone else's wedding. This calmness flows from the leader of the proceedings to the bride and groom and then to the guests. It is a rare and beautiful gift to bring to a ceremony.
  3. That her bride and groom know that everything that is said, everything that will happen, has been planned by them and the ceremony will be everything they have ever dreamed of.

And, if you are wanting a Baby Naming Ceremony, Diane is once again a natural choice. Quality and dignity mixed with lightness and fun are offered to you in a professional Baby Naming Ceremony. Your child will receive his or her own Baby Naming Certificate and each godparent will receive a certificate as well. Diane, true to Australian culture, believes the family unit is the foundation of human society and respect for family traditions, the generations and the individuality and belonging of each family member is of utmost importance. Baby Naming Ceremonies reflect these values, acknowledging your hopes and dreams for the future of your child. Diane will talk with you and design your own unique Baby Naming Ceremony with you, so your special day will be everything you would want it to be.